Cisco Channel Partnership

Cisco Partner Docent Solutions, LLC announces a new partnership with Cisco Systems. Joining the Cisco Channel Partners, Docent Solutions is able to offer its customers a level of support with their IT infrastructure outsourcing that cannot be found outside the program. The program offers:

  • Predictable Financial Rewards: The Cisco Outsourcing Channel Program recognizes an outsourcer’s value-add in multi-year contracts whereby they provision services with performance tied to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The Cisco Outsourcing Channel Program provides access to product at consistent and predictable multi-year discounts and terms on a global basis.
  • Incentives: The program provides the outsourcer the opportunity to register deals at any stage of the opportunity lifecycle, starting from an early engagement / Pre-RFP to a closed deal. Deals are often extremely large–worth multi- millions of dollars over a period of years–so the financial rewards can be significant.
  • Worldwide Delivery: There is no incremental partner certification requirement by country. Because delivery may occur in multiple geographies, the Cisco Outsourcing Channel Program provides access to all non-restricted Cisco products.
  • Market Differentiation: The Cisco Outsourcing Channel Program is designed to support the unique requirements of outsourcing offers providing access to services, tools, and technology from Cisco. Partners use their own brand when making their outsourcing offers, while taking advantage of the leading networking product brand from Cisco.
  • Cisco Service and Support: Cisco offers a suite of services that span the network lifecycle and help to facilitate and accelerate customer success. Cisco will continue to work with its partners on an engagement-by-engagement basis to help ensure the right services are included in each outsourcing opportunity. This helps partners lower the cost of owning and operating the network, improves their ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, speeds access to applications and services, and helps increase network availability.

About Docent SolutionsDocent Solutions, LLC is the leading market innovator in managed hosting solutions and back-end server solutions. Docent Solutions is committed to technical services of the highest quality. With over 45 years of information technology experience, Docent Solutions is able to draw on its' vast network of experience, partnerships and vendors to offer precise and individualized solutions to our customers. Delivering results that are reliable, cost effective and align with our customer’s business goals. These are the core values at Docent Solutions.