503c Charitable Organization

We at Docent were contacted by this charitable organization in the early morning hours.  This charity had launched a new campaign with massive amounts of media coverage on TV, Radio and print.  They were not ready for the huge influx of people going to their website.  We were tasked with launching new infrastructure that would support the tremendous load that was being placed on their webservers so no more donations would be lost due to the webservers being down.

The technical challenges were straight forward but under intense pressure and time constraints. Every minute that the webservers were inoperable money was being lost for the charity.   The website was very visible and the possibility of negatively impacting celebrity involvement was very high.  

Within an hour we were able to power on and configure new infrastructure to handle the site volume being experienced.  Due to the fast turn around of the new infrastructure, the charity was able to avoid any embarrassment in the media and quickly reached it's goal of one million dollars raised in just three days.

 Technical Challenge:

  • Design and host infrastructure for website that saw 250k+ daily hits
  • Impliment a viable solution in the shortest amount of time

Docent's Contribution

  • Implemented new temporary infrastructure to handle the site volume in under one hour
  • Implemented permanent architecture and solution in under four hours that was designed to meet increased demand
  • Trained organizations staff on how to manage the new infrastructure to deal with increased demand