Marketing Firm

A marketing firm came to us asking for help implementing new infrastructure.  The company was rebranding itself and decided now would be the time to update their infrastructure.  After an initial discovery phase, we were able to propose new infrastructure that encompassed a full suite of applications and services.  

After determining the needs of the company, we aligned the internal technology with their short and long term business goals. We worked with the companies executive management and team leaders to prioritizes services and define the deployment schedule of new services.

Technical Challenge:

  • Design a new infrastructure from the ground up to meet the companies needs
  • Implement the new services with minimal down time to the employees
  • Align new technology and services to the future goals of the company
  • Ensure a consistent user experience across international and domestic offices

Docent's Contribution:

  • Designed a new Active Directory structure to fit the needs of the company
  • Setup Exchange email system across the company
  • Implemented identity management
  • Designed and implemented a new ticketing system
  • Created digital workflow capabilities with defined OLAs and SLAs, and training for their employees and clients