Multinational Bank

A large multinational bank required help hosting their new website for the trading of warrants.  Typically banks and financial institutions prefer to host their content internally but in this case it was cost prohibitive for them to do so.  After analyzing the proposed architectural designs we were able to suggest a new solution.  By leveraging Docent they were able to save over $300,000 USD per year on hosting fees and support using a completely new architecture that we are able to support with a higher level of SLA then their internal Technology group could provide.

The technical challenges were many faceted.  While posed with the problem of complying with incredibly strict company and governmental controls,  we also had to deliver a solution that would meet with the approval of the internal technical stake holders.

Within 30 days we were able to perform an in-depth analysis, propose new architectural designs, certify them with the clients information technology staff, work with the client to define SLAs and build and launch the new infrastructure after performing load testing to ensure it meet the clients requirements.  Additionally new a new work flow and ticketing process was implemented and the relevant stakeholders were trained it.

Technical Challenge:

  • Architect a new solution that would meet with approval from client technology stake holders.
  • Build the infrastructure for both QA and Production environments
  • Arrange for physical hosting of the infrastructure in the local market
  • Build/host the website and application adhering to stringent security requirements

Docent's Contribution:

  • Work with the client to provide design, hosting and security service offering
  • Work with client to define contract / SOW Deliverables
  • Arrange for a full LAMP based solution that meet clients needs while lowering operating costs
  • Provided design specification for the client's security and IT teams for approval