Business Class Project Development and Tracking

With Docent Solutions Business Subversion Hosting you get access to a secured and easy to use version controlled repositories. Most sites offer repositories that are open to public review, but we understand that sometimes you want your projects protected and client assets protected from public disclosure. That's why we offer secured and access-managed repositories that are worry-free and quick to setup. With each repository you get:

Access Management:
Using a simple interface, you can: invite collaborators; assign them to groups; and assign permissions to the groups. The level of control through the interface allows for directory specific access without the hassle of editing configuration files

Secured Repository Hosting:
We've made it our mission to offer a secured interface to all of your projects. The project is not only secured by granular access control but three different layers of protection on the hosting server itself. You get the protection of SSL access to your repository which is guarded by a SHA-256 pass-phrase and contained within it's own environment on the server.

Reliable Access:
Docent Solutions utilizes the safety and security offered by one of the leading hosting providers today. Rackspace Hosting powers all of the backend and server infrastructure on which your repository depends. Continuous monitoring of the systems states is augmented by Docent Solutions own internal monitoring of the environments and support of all the projects.

Access to Secured Development Environments
With your repository you can add on the ability to automatically have your development code and staging code be published to a secured Apache hosting stack. Using the project interface, you will be able to specify what directories in your repository to sync with the hosting platform.

Bug Tracking and Project Management
Leveraging the powerful Trac Integrated SCM and Project Management system, you can have access to tools that will allow you to manage and keep track of project development for each of your projects. The Trac system provides an integrated interface to your repository as well as the ability to attach bugs and fix assignments to your development workflow.

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